Friday, June 29, 2012

The amazing Miss M strikes again

A few weeks back Miss M's pre-prep teacher asked of I'd bring her to chapel (the whole-school assembly) to accept a student of the week award. One child is each class across the school (pre-prep to year 6) is presented with an award. Miss M was super excited to hear her name called out and confidently marched into the stage and accepted her award. She stood with all of the other children (many of whom were twice as tall as her) and the entire school oohed and ahhed at her. The deputy principal commented about how everyone thinks that she is so cute. I shed a few tears thinking about jar far we have come in three years. Shortly after she was born, it was difficult to imagine that we would make it to this day. I am so proud of how hard my little girl has worked, and how determined she is already to succeed. Her teachers have said that she is one of the most determined children they have seen, and that they are sure that she will be able to do whatever she chooses to in life.

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