Friday, May 28, 2010

Size does matter!

I'm back. Its been a while between posts but I really haven't been coping well with life so I haven't had anything constructive to say. I'm finding it hard to balance the needs of all 3 kids, as well as other things, but I know that its just a matter of getting through each day.

My bonus for today is that we got Matilda's speech processor upgrades. Because she is so small, she was able to get the upgrades funded - the first time that her size has been an advantage. We've hit a few hiccups (missing items and magnets that are WAY too strong) but I still love the possibilities that the N5s bring. They are much smaller, lighter and have better programming, so hopefully that will help in the long run. Here are some pics of the old and new processors, and some of the princess running around the house.