Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PLS scores are in

Today Matilda had her 6 month post-implant communication assessment. Her therapist used the PLS (Preschool Language Scale). She is 13 months old and her score for auditory comprehension and expressive communication was .... 13 months! I was honestly surprised because there are SO many things that she isn't doing yet, but she still scored the same as an average 13 month old who has been hearing their whole life. It still doesn't make me feel 100% happy with how therapy is progressing, but I am so proud of my little princess.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy 6 months hearing Miss M

Today marks 6 months of hearing for Matilda's right ear (the activation was done over two days). In many ways I have been dreading this day. When I think back to 6 months ago, this is not how I thought things would look. I thought that my very bright, intelligent little girl would be babbling, talking alot of the time, and have a few words in her vocabulary. I think that I have high expectations, but I didn't think that they were unrealistic. The past few months particularly have been frustrating. Matilda's therapist and audiologist think that she is doing fine, but I don't think fine is good enough. My mummy instinct tells me that there's a reason that she isn't talking, but I just haven't worked out what it is. We're still in the process of getting a 2nd opinion (we access the only AVT service in our state, and the next closest service is 11 hours away, but it will be happening soon.

I have decided though, that even though it is important for me to advocate for my little girl, I also need to be mindful of just how far she has come. 6 months ago my little girl wouldn't turn her head when someone was clapping. Now she will smirk and laugh when I whisper her name. 6 months ago Matilda had no real way of communicating. Now she will crawl to the door and yell ee-ah to indicate to me that she wants to go on the swing.

So my little princess, what a huge 6 months it has been. You have come so far in your short little life and I know that the next 6 months will bring many new and wonderful experiences for you.