Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting organised

Before we start a new term of AVT, I wanted to get a little more organised. After being inspired by this and this I decided to make our own. It is probably a little hard to read, but the headings are "sounds to focus on this week", "current goals", "current activities", "books", "Ling sounds" and "Learning to Listen sounds". Some parts we won't use much for a while, but I like the big reminder that I should always be doing something. It is also prompting me to read another book when I have a spare 5 minutes.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little more stress-free

The babyworn cables have been bugging me, probably more this week because I'm so tired. So when I saw this post about using a headband, I got inspired. I tried velcro dots, but they wouldn't stick, so I just used two layers of elasticised lace and slipped the CIs between them. It works SO well. Also note in the photo below that my 7 month old is reading a book (albeit upside down).

Thanks Lily's Mum - our audiologist loved it too. I figure that when Matilda is moving around more I'll attach a bilateral clip (like an Oliver clip) just in case it falls out (which would be unlikely).

Apologies and my update

OK, so I haven't quite got the motivation to be a good blogger yet, so I'll have to do an update of the past few weeks.

Matilda's switch on was on 7/8 Sep. Despite having an audience of the Health Minister, a Rugby player, and lots of family, she wasn't worried at all, and took everything onboard.

We've already noticed that she's responding to many sounds, including most of the Ling sounds, her loud brothers, and cars driving past. It will be so exciting to see her develop over the next few months.

The first pic is us getting our photo taken with the important people and the second is Matilda excitedly telling Grandma about all the new sounds.
We've had two MAPing sessions since switch-on and both have gone really well. I wish I'd taken video of last week's, because when I sat her down, she immediately crossed her arms, turned to where the puppets appear and turned back to the audiologist as if to say "Hurry up, I know what I'm here for, let's get on with it".

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our story (in brief)

Matilda was born in February 2009. She is my third child, and a very much wanted and prayed for little girl. Her labour and birth was short, and quite uneventful. She was born into water, at our local private hospital. At two days old, Matilda had her first hearing screen, which resulted in a 'refer' result on both ears. At three weeks old, Matilda had a full set of hearing tests, which showed severe to profound hearing loss in her left ear, and profound loss in her right ear. She got her first hearing aids and seven weeks old, started Auditory Verbal Therapy at eight weeks and had bilateral cochlear implant surgery at 6 1/2 months.

Despite everything that Matilda has been through in her short life, she is a delightful little girl, who has a smile that will melt you heart and just loves to communicate with anyone her will pay attention to her.

Up and running

After reading so many blogs for the past few months and finding them immensely helpful, I've been thinking that I should start one of my own. So, here it is. Apologies if it is a little low in value at first, but I've never done this before.