Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I need free fuel

So, after an email conversation with Matilda's audiologist today, we've decided that she does need another MAP. It will mean that I'm doing 5 trips to the city in 3 weeks. With fuel at almost $1.50 per litre it will be a hefty bill.

On the good side, we reviewed Matilda's therapy plan today and she has achieved most of her therapy goals up to 30 months.

She has also learned to put her coil back on - yay.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

And she's so darn cute


For some reason I couldn't get these on the last post, but here they are.
My munchkin playing the piano

Trying to fly a fighter jet (she had to be pulled out kicking and screaming)

An update

So, maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that I don't blog well. I've been thinking of doing a post, but it hasn't actually eventuated.
Anyway, here's what's been happening:
  • Matilda is now 2 years, 5 months. She weighs in at 9kg (20 pounds) and 77cm. Still nowhere near the charts but I don't really care anymore.
  • Matilda has more words than I can count, and is coming up with great sentences like "that's enough talking Mummy, get off the phone", and engaging in long conversations with her baby doll.
  • She can sing all the words to a bunch of songs, including Twinkle Twinkle, Open shut them, Row Row, this hallelujah song, and Happy Birthday.
  • we STILL can't seem to hold a MAP well. Matilda has always had issues with her low frequencies (m/oo) so we've been mapping every 3 months or more frequently. One month ago she suddenly started jumping whenever anyone spoke. It came completely out of the blue, and went away just as quickly, but recurred every few days. Thankfully a new MAP fixed this, but her low frequencies have gone haywire again, and she's also confusing 't' and 'k'. We'll probably get a new MAP this week, but I don't have the physical or emotional energy to get a MAP every couple of weeks.
  • Matilda started daycare a few weeks back, and at the end of her first day, her carer queried her date of birth. She said that she thought that maybe it was written incorrectly because her language was so good for her age. It was the best things she could have told me. Matilda held her own with the other kids, told the carer everything she needed, and enjoyed the day, so it is all going well.
  • She is the most delightful little girl, albeit ridiculously stubborn (I can't imagine where she gets that from). She melts the heart of everyone she meets and really makes it worth getting out of bed in the morning (which has been a challenge for me of late).
That's about it from us. If anyone has any grand ideas about how to fix a fluctuating MAP, I'd love to hear from you, although the audiologist says that it is just the (un) luck of the draw.