Monday, November 28, 2011

Wouldn't change a thing

We don't have Thanksgiving in this country, but we have lots of friends from the US, and some do a big celebration in our street.  It has made me think about the past few years and what we've been through with the kids.  Yes, I have a little girl who is deaf, and who struggles to grow.  Yes, I have a boy whose lung problems mean that he might spend a good portion of next year in hospital.  Some days are tough, but these are my kids, and I love them dearly.

This morning Matilda was playing the harmonica while dancing.  it was a simple thing, but I am ever so grateful that I could experience it.  The other day my five year old took photos of the insides of his lungs and an oxygen mask for show and tell.  It didn't seem strange to him at all.  He's got so many of these pictures that he thought it would be cool to show the other kids.

Life may be easier if my kids didn't have their little quirks, but I wouldn't change it.

Below is our Christmas card for this year.