Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10 months ...

Yesterday marked 10 months since we got Matilda's official diagnosis - severe to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. 10 months seems like a short space of time, but to me it seems a lifetime ago. I remember sitting in the room with the audiologist. Originally the junior audi was there, but she kept saying that maybe the equipment wasn't working properly. I think she realised what was happening, so she got the other audi to come in, who confirmed that everything was working, and said the word 'profound'. I didn't know much about hearing loss at the time, but I knew that was bad. I looked at the tiny little girl in my arms and I just cried ... alot. The audi was great - got me tissues, reassured me that Matilda would be OK, but I could tell that she was upset too (later I found out that she'd just found out she was pregnant). I left the hospital that day wearing sunglasses (so that nobody could see that I had been crying). I ran into a work colleague and tried to make out that everything was fantastic.

Since that day, things have been a whirlwind. HEAPS of appointments, too much time in a soundbooth, CTs, MRIs, surgery, etc. But now, my girl can HEAR! Not only that, but she hears really well. She responds when I call her name most of the time - much more than her normally hearing brothers do. When I whisper her name she turns and gives me a big grin. She has started dancing. Whenever there is music on, Matilda will be bopping. Last night David was playing Christmas Carols on the piano. Matilda sat there bopping to the music and loving it! When David stopped playing, she turned to him, looked at the piano keys and did a little dance as if to say "come on Dad, I'm ready to dance". As soon as David started playing again, she continued her dance.

I could never have imagined 10 months ago, that by Christmas my little girl would be hearing at almost the same level as any other kid. That she would be rapidly catching up to her hearing peers in her language development. That she'd race to the kitchen to see who turned the tap on or what was cooking in the microwave. That she would hear the kookaburras outside and try to find them. I am still anxious about her future, but feel so blessed that in 10 short months, my little girl has come so far.

Friday, December 11, 2009

2cm makes the difference :)

I took Matilda for her fortnightly weigh-in and measure today. I've been so determined to get food into her that it has almost become an obsession. Anyway, she measured in at 65cm - that's a gain of 2.5cm in 2 weeks which is fantastic. It also gets her to a great milestone - the 1st percentile :). Our paed said that when they're under the 1st percentile they really worry, but hopefully this is the start of some great growth. Her weight hadn't changed (6.2kg) but it often lags behind. We're thinking that the CMV has just battered her around so much that it has taken this long to start seeing any improvements.

On the speech side, Matilda is now saying "ah-ah-ah" for plane (very cute to hear her say it with the same intonation that I use), "ee" for monkey and "ee-ow" for cat. Still waiting for the babbling, but I'm trying to be patient ...