Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 years post assessment

So, I got Matilda's assessment report in the mail today.  I had already been given the standard scores, but I like seeing the age equivalents as it gives me a better idea of how things are going.
Here are the results (chronological age is 2 years 7 months):
Auditory comprehension - 2 years 11 months
Expressive comprehension - 3 years 7 months
Total language score - 3 years 1 month

I am stoked.  Her auditory was lower, but I think that's because she was playing games with her therapist and refusing to point to the correct picture.  She has made 15 months progress expressively in 6 months.  We're off for her audiology assessment on Thursday.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two years

I can't believe that it has been two years since Matilda's switch on.  It seems like so long ago, but I can't still remember it vividly.

This is the little video that I did at the time for some family overseas (apologies for the poor quality).

We're having Matilda's assessment next week, but I know that she has around 800 expressive words, can say 8 - 10 word sentences, counts to 20, sings her ABCs, and keeps telling me that she wants to learn to write.  She is an amazing kid!