Monday, November 23, 2009

More please :)

Things have been a little crazy here lately but its all been pretty good. Matilda's blood tests all came back OK, so I guess that's good, although we don't know why she isn't growing. We have a few more to do, and then we'll see where we head.

I had been getting a little frustrated/anxious/impatient after reading other people's blogs and seeing that their kids were saying more things than Matilda at the same time. I've been trying to recite "in His time" over and over, but I've still been frustrated. Anyway, at dinner last night I was taking a while to feed Matilda and then she started saying "orrr". At first I though it was a coincidence, but I took a moment before filling the spoon again, and she said it again. We just have to work on the 'm' sound and we'll have another word. I am very excited.

On the other hand, not so excited that Matilda's two older brothers decided that today would be a good day to be sick. E had an asthma attack last night and then both of them woke up with croup. I am SO tired that I rung the wrong number to say that N would be away from school!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stimulating the medical economy

Over the past week I have been helping to stimulate the Australian economy by paying out lots of money to the medical profession. It started with a visit to the paed on Friday to discuss Matilda's lack of growth. Ofcourse the paed didn't know anything about CMV and its effect on growth, but he took a thorough history and ordered enough blood tests to overfill a pathology request form. The result - a $260 bill.

Next we headed to the pathology lab, who after 1 1/2 hours decided that Matilda was too small to have so many tests (which ofcourse is the REASON she's having the tests) so they need to take small amounts of blood over a few weeks. Oh, and some of the tests aren't covered by medicare, and because there are so many, some will be out-of-pocket tests. We haven't got the bill yet, but apparently some will cost $300-$400 EACH!

This week we headed to the dietician, who told us that while she can help Matilda gain weight, she can't make her grow (which is what she needs). She said that we're doing the right thing, and just to add more cream to her foods. Her bill was only $85 - how nice. Good thing is that she is happy for me to just phone her and let her know how things are going.

So, a week's worth of appointments will result in about $1000 worth of bills. Did I tell you that this is also the week that I need to resign from work because, with all these appointments and no family support, I can't go back to work in January.

I am thankful though - we have the money that we need to pay the bills and I know that whatever else we need, God will provide.