Monday, March 12, 2012

Feeling blessed

I've been a little down lately, for lots of reasons unrelated to Miss M's hearing loss.  Because of this, I've been trying to make a conscious decision to look for the positives around me.  These are a few things that I've seen and heard.

- Matilda started pre-prep at a mainstream school in February (when she turned three).  The school has minimal (i.e NO) experience with deaf kids).  She is loving it.  She comes home singing songs that she has only heard at school.  She is talking about her friends, and her favourite things, and can spend 5 minutes just telling me what happened that day.

- While driving home in the car the other day, Matilda was singing a Letterland song that she learned at school.  One of her brothers joined in.  At the end of the song Matilda said "good singing Emerson, now let's give it one more try".

- Matilda now has favourite tracks on a few CDs in the car.  She can tell me the track number, and can pick the song just by hearing the first few bars.  Who said that deaf kids can't distinguish between tunes!

So, despite all that has been going on here, I am feeling amazingly blessed that my three year old, profoundly deaf child, is thriving at a mainstream pre-prep, and is just soaking up her surroundings.  We are fortunate that she will be able to attend this school until she is in grade 12 (so another 14 1/2 years).  I'm sure by then she'll think that she owns the place :)


  1. She is adorable! Im so glad she is doing amazing in Kinder! :)

  2. She is a SUPERSTAR! So glad to hear how well she is doing. Keep up the good work mom!